Respect for The US of A? Less and less.

5 years ago I had a lot of respect for the USA and Americans. I felt that they positively contributed to humankind – my view was mostly based on impressive research they did as this is the area I was coming from.

I guess about 2 years ago I realized that I was surprised and shocked that Americans decided to choose someone as their leader that would directly contradict anything I had so far believed the USA to be: tolerant, eloquent, educated, honest, reliable. I was mad at Trump for being so numb and couldn't grasp why the “majority” of Americans voted for him.

I think about one year ago my anger turned into pity. Poor Americans that have to suffer him, and poor him for not knowing better. They didn't know any better but now they can see what they got by voting him. They are not going to do that mistake again.

Well, I guess I was too native there. Now I'm seriously losing my patience with you Americans. Reading on and on about how good chances this idiot has to being reelected – seriously if this happens I will have close to zero respect left for you guys for not being able to deal with him. You don't seem to fully realize how much damage it does to your reputation having him as president.

You are literally losing friends all over the world every day as long he is in power. Soon probably only the ones he bought with money are going to volunteer to help you in time of need. Get your act together and remove him already. Convince the people you know of doing so. Get political.

As long as Trump is your president I want as little as possible to do with your country. And if that should really happen – Trump being reelected – I seriously hope that policy makers all over the world are going to strive to becoming more independent of the USA, thereby reducing your power and influence. The more that is the case, the less harm he can do.