My online social networking after Facebook

Some time ago I decided to delete my Facebook account and to use the fediverse (short for the federation universe) as my main online social network as a replacement.

In my previous such attempts I tried out the diaspora network in the hope it could replace Facebook. However, back in the days the connections I made there were mostly to techies (like me), and hence gave me little inspiration beyond my own horizon. The opinions present there seemed to be very similar to my own, but what I like about social networks is not only to share my interests with others, but also read interesting, unknown, or creative stuff.

Due to these experiences, I was a bit skeptical whether I would find enough “non-tech” users in the fediverse:

So far it works out well and I'm very satisfied with the connections I have made. There are dedicated science and creative federation instances, to which I have initially connected to via some major “introducers”, people that know many others on the instance. Via those I was able to find more contacts, so far mostly artists posting there own creations. These are almost exclusively paintings, sketches, but I also got some posts about their latest craftsmanship projects.

This is amazing! This is exactly the kind of inspiration I like getting from a social network. And in fact, such direct contact to artists was or felt never possible on Facebook.

I'll continue to post about my worth-mentioning experiences in the fediverse in the future.