Filtering CO2 out of the atmosphere?

Recently something got me thinking: Could we filter out co2 from the atmosphere and somehow transform it into something solid to keep it out of there?

But then again: would this help us in any way or wouldn't it probably just make us even more lazy and unambitious in solving the core problem – the production and emission of co2?

Also, I read frequently that technological solutions can't help us out of the situation technology got us into in the first place.

But I'm still sceptical. Really not? Are we absolutely sure there is not an awesome approach we are overlooking?

Well anyways, some guys at Climeworks, Carbon engineering, Global thermostat, and Ineratec (and probably others) are trying to do it. Reading a bit about Climeworks however makes me feel these probably come too late. If they can install an overly ambitious number of their filter plants they can filter out 1% of the global emissions by 2025. Even though all this leaves me quite sceptical, I'm still surprised though that there isn't more momentum in this research area. Maybe one could achieve something using such a technology, and why is not more money invested into this? It seems at least that all our efforts of reducing co2 emissions come too late and too little. So why not trying to remove it in retrospect? Maybe a major contributor to our last chance?

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