powerless against the climate crisis?!

My guess is that 95% of all people that accept that the #climate #crisis is real and rolling onto us feel as #powerless about it as me:

What can I achieve?

With just a handful of friends, close to no audience, with weekdays so fully packed, when at home constantly occupied by the family.

Seriously, what can I do? I'm really trying, using my education (computer scientist) to trying to make software that can make a change, but I feel no resonance. And definitely not enough impact to achieve anything. I talk to my friends and family. Everyone is as caught up in their lives as I am, so what's it gonna do?

Why does everyone around me seem so indifferent? How can anyone just proceed as normal?

Just. Feel. So. Powerless.

Why do mainstream media and mainstream political parties still think that saving the planet is less important than their own success? Why are they still not strongly recommending to everyone changes to our everyday that bring sustainable change in our everyday lives? Just because they are unpopular and inconvenient? F*** that you crybabies! Why don't you suggest to stop eating meat? To reduce/stop eating dairy? To use public transportation/ cycle instead of taking the car? To stop buying cars altogether? To look for jobs close by? To buy less products? To buy products that are more sustainable? To stop using all that crap that makes our planet go down the drain right this moment?

Why is this gigantic challenge not met with the same kind of force as covid19 is? Seriously, this is ridiculous. Who cares about a vaccine for Covid 19 in 10 years if our global ecosystem is going to collapse and the planet can only sustain 1bio people and hunger, thirst, and suffering is present everywhere? None of this Covid 19 vaccine research effort will matter anymore because global production chains for e.g. vaccines are going to collapse as well and anyways, nothing is going to be as it was.

Why are not all the people talking about the climate crisis as they are talking about Covid19?

Is the climate crisis too big a challenge for the human intellect? Can we just not grasp it if the deadly consequences are not imminent but will follow in maybe 15 years instead? Are our minds really that primitive?

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